MSSS Purpose

The Manitoba Soil Science Society exists to ensure that:

Soil Scientists are well informed about pertinent research being conducted in Manitoba.

Manitoba institutions strengthen their collaborations with each other.

Soil Scientists develop their research programs based on the most recent scientific developments.

MSSS Events

64th MSSS Annual General Meeting 

February 4-5, 2021 

Virtual Meeting 

The Manitoba Soil Science Society (MSSS) holds an Annual General Meeting to provide industry professionals and academics a place to share their research findings and network.  This year’s plenary session theme is “Soil WebsKeeping connected by collaborating between disciplines”.

Both oral and poster presentation submissions are welcome. Poster presentations this year will include one-minute pre-recorded poster pitches. Oral Presentations will involve a 10-minute pre-recorded presentation with a live 2 minute Q&A. Please submit contact information and abstracts to MSSS by January 8, 2021. Abstracts are to include the Title, Authors, Author Affiliations, and Abstract Text of less than 300 words.

Due to time constraints with the virtual meeting format this year, we will only be accepting a certain number of oral and poster presentations. Please send your abstract in early! Download the abstract submission form.

Registration for this event is free, but all participants must register. Forms will be available soon.


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Make Your Own Monolith

Looking for a great socially distanced activity? Try making your own monolith!

Instructions can be downloaded here.


Manitoba Provincial Soil NEWDALE

Newdale Clay Loam Provincial Soil Factsheet

Newdale Clay Loam

A valuable soil of the Eastern Prairies, the Newdale series is classified as an Orthic Black Chernozem. The Newdale soils formed in calcareous, loamy glacial till of limestone, granite and shale origin. Soils are moderately well drained and occur in mid to upper slope positions of hummocky landscapes.

The native vegetation is grassland and aspen groves. They are very productive soils for spring and winter wheat, canola, barley, flax, peas and alfalfa-based forages. The Newdale soil covers over 1.3 million acres and typifies clay loam soils in western Manitoba. The average annual precipitation is 460 mm (18 inches) and the annual air temperature is 2° C (35° F) with a frost-free period of 105 days.

In 2010, the Newdale Clay Loam was officially proclaimed as Manitoba’s provincial soil.

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